Fireplaces have been heating homes for centuries. Today, you can heat your home economically with one of our fireplaces or fireplace inserts.
At Hillside Acres, we install a fireplace insert into your existing fireplace that isn’t working anymore. We also carry some gas and pellet inserts.

We install a stainless steel liner through the chimney to directly hook up your new coal- or wood-burning fireplace insert, this is to meet home code to improve efficiency and safety.

Modern fireplaces or inserts have systems that enable your entire home to get an even distribution of heat. And today’s technology allows you to easily light your fireplace and keep it going for 10-12 hours at a time.

Enjoy gathering your family and friends around the fireplace for warmth, comfort, and entertainment as you watch the flames dance over the logs. At Hillside Acres, our fireplaces and fireplace inserts are made to last a lifetime.

Anthracite Coal Fireplace Inserts

Starting at $3,803.00

Starting at $2,933.00

Starting at $2,778.00

Kuma Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

alpine fireplace insert

Wood Length: 16″
Firebox Size: 1.8 ft3
Burn Time: Up to 9 hours

cascade fireplace insert

Wood Length: 19″
Firebox Size: 2.5 ft3
Burn Time: Up to 12 hours

Pacific Energy Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

With state-of-the-art efficiency, choose Pacific Energy. For more information on Pacific Energy, visit their website.



Product innovation is how Pacific Energy has answered the need to meet new EPA 2020 standards. Our new catalytic-free products will easily replace stoves that no longer meet the emission standard. These premium catalytic- free stoves and inserts are cost effective and hassle-free, meeting the less than 2 gms/hr EPA 2020 emissions target.

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EPA 2020 certified
pacific energy super fireplace insert

Heat Output Cord Wood (BTU) 72,000 BTU
Efficiency 71.3%

Summit fireplace insert

Heat Output Cord Wood (BTU) 99,000 BTU
Efficiency 74%

pacific energy fireplace insert

Heat Output Cord Wood (BTU) 72,000 BTU
Efficiency 71.3% LHV


Enviro Pellet Inserts

Easy to feed and maintain, our Enviro pellet fireplace inserts combine the convenience and even heat of pellets with the cozy feel of a traditional fireplace.

Heating Area: 2,000 ft²
BTU’s: 45,000
Efficiency: 75%
Fireplace insert at Hillside Acres Stoves
Heating Area: 2,500 ft²
Max Input BTU’s: 55,000
Efficiency: 78%