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Coal Boilers

DS Boilers are used to heat your home as well as Domestic water, whether that’s in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry area. At Hillside Acres Stoves  we sell and install DS Boilers―locally made to last a lifetime—that don’t require electricity to run.


Water Heaters

Our DS Coal Water Heaters are super efficient. One of our home boilers can provide heat for your home as well as heating household water.


NOW AVAILABLE At Hillside Acres Stoves

The Crown Royal series of outdoor wood furnace boilers!

These well built, made in the USA stoves are made to last. 409 Titanium enhanced stainless steel, walls and roof insulated with R30 insulation, and digital control panels are just a few of their features. Easily adaptable to any existing hot water system, a Crown Royal means lower heating costs as well as no wood mess inside your house.

Check their website here for more information!

Wood Furnace Boilers manufactured in USA.

We are an Authorized dealer for the  Woodmaster Outdoor Wood-Fired Furnace. Different models available from small to large.

Go to for more details or an inventory update give us a call at 717-923-0550

Woodmaster outdoor furnaces are compatible with most heat systems. Heat with wood while keeping the dirt, soot, and smoke outside. Models available to heat from 2,000 to 20,000 square feet. Also heats domestic water.
• Large firebox means less work feeding your fire
• Draft control with fan
• Digital Electronic Temperature Control with easy to read display
• Proudly built in the USA

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