outdoor firepits


If you enjoy spending time in your backyard with your family and friends, consider investing in a fire pit. You can add a seat wall with pillows or Adirondack chairs around your fire pit to give it a cozy feel. Sing your favorite camp songs, share stories and make s’mores in your fire pit from Hillside Acres.

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The Phoenix

Check out the video for a look at the latest offering from Breeo! Another quality product from this stellar Lancaster County business, it is truly awesome. Includes the latest patent pending airflow technology and is backed with a Lifetime Warranty. Fire Pit innovation at its best!

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  • Inside Diameter: 24″
  • Outside Diameter: 33″
  • Height: 15″
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel with a powder coated exterior
  • Available in 24″, 28″, and 32″
  • Height: 12″
  • Weight: 104 lbs – 120lbs

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  • Inside Diameter: 24″
  • Outside Diameter: 34″
  • Height: 16.5″ (includes feet)
  • Material: Steel painted with a black high-temp grill paint

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  • Outside Diameter: 27″
  • Height: 15″ (includes feet)
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Designed for portability – take along to the beach, on camping trips, and more!

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How does it work?

The Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits work through a double-wall, secondary combustion design. When the fire is burning, the walls heat up and the hot air rises through the gap between the two walls. The air then exits the wall cavity through the line of holes around the rim. This pressurized, heated oxygen mixes with the smoke and causes it to reburn. This secondary combustion is what causes your fire to be smokeless.

What does “smokeless” mean?

As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, “smokeless” means having little or no smoke. While not being completely smoke-free, our fire pits do produce significantly less smoke and therefore fall within the category of smokeless products.

Why go smokeless?

We’ve all been there – you’re calmly enjoying a great evening relaxing and chatting around the fire when seemingly out of nowhere, the wind changes and all of a sudden your eyes are burning, your lungs are choking and you’re scrambling to move your chair out of the brutal cloud of smoke heading your way. We knew we had to find a way to avoid that. Experience an entirely new level of relaxation around the campfire with one of our Smokeless Fire Pits – no more burning and watering eyes, no more hacking out smoke from your lungs, no more shifting and moving your chair to dodge the smoke!